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Sex and Relationships

When should you worry about excessive vaginal discharge?

Excessive vaginal discharge should raise an alarm if you notice the following signs accompanied the same. Change in colour of the secretions: If you notice...

Science Reveals The Month You’re Most Likely To Have Sex

Rainy season is here in full effect and the birds and the bees are swarming. With humid, warm weather and snuggle clothing on the mind, it's...

Building trust in your relationship

Relationships differ from one another and each relationship is unique in its own way. One major factor that is common to all relationships is the...

Heart break: girl, it’s time to move on

Heart breaks are passing phases which most people have experienced once, twice or multiple times in their relationships especially ladies; men too experience heart...

Tolerance in relationship

Relationship is an emotional (esp. sexual) association between two people as defined in the DK Illustrated Oxford dictionary. When you are in a relationship...

Can husbands handle sexual advances on their own?

Most men want to be faithful to their wives; but unfortunately, some of them find that hard to do. A certain percentage of married...